Rock N Roll Sushi

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Rock N Roll Sushi is the originator of the American-Style sushi menu which created and offered a unique, diverse sushi-based menu. Where Rock N Roll Sushi even further differentiated the brand was to create a fun, fast casual restaurant model that fit into strip centers and high visibility retail centers. The model was founded in 2010 in Mobile, Alabama and was immediately well received with rave reviews and strong store sales. It was evident that this was something that was much bigger than what they could do with company owned stores. In 2015, Rock N Roll Sushi decided to franchise the restaurant business and take the brand to more markets through franchise ownership.

Franchise Marketing Systems worked closely with the Rock N Roll Sushi leadership team to develop the franchise model and start the franchise roll out. The model was structured to allow for multi-unit franchise ownership and create a compelling, low investment franchise offering. The financial model for the Rock N Roll Sushi franchise was not only attractive because of the lower investment, but also a high margin operating model with low food costs and reasonable labor structure allowed for a strong bottom line and ultimately a great potential Return on Investment for franchise investors.

Franchise Marketing Systems developed the franchise strategy and franchise business plans to map out how to go to market and how to effectively execute a franchise growth model. Together, the FMS Franchise Consultants developed a franchise fee model, franchise royalty structure and franchise territory structure along with a franchise buyer profile and financial model. With outside franchise legal counsel, FMS worked to Rock N Roll Sushi to create the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and Franchise Agreement along with franchise state registrations in target franchise markets. The Franchise Marketing Systems team then built the franchise training programs and franchise operations manuals for franchise onboarding and franchise training purposes. Then the Franchise Marketing Systems built the franchise marketing materials, franchise development websites and franchise collateral needed to implement and execute the franchise sales campaign.

Today, Rock N Roll Sushi is the absolute leader in the American-Style Sushi market segment and is essentially creating an entirely new market segment. By franchising the business, the brand has successfully opened over 70 franchises and is continuing growth at a rapid pace.

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