Franchise Marketing Systems works with a variety of third party resource providers and industry data sources to support businesses in effectively franchising their brand.  When you are considering whether to franchise your business, you should gather information, do your research and spend the necessary time to understand the franchise business model in depth.  As is true in any business, the more you know before you get into the franchise growth model, the more effective you will be in leading your business through the growth process.  When you franchise your business, you are effectively getting into a new business.  Although the franchise model leverages your experience and knowledge you have built in operating your current business, you now become a franchisor with a different set of responsibilities.  Use the franchise resources available and get comfortable with the franchise industry so you can efficiently execute a franchise platform for your own business.

Franchise Marketing Systems is happy to share resources and educate business owners who are considering whether to franchise a business in any way possible.  The FMS process of developing franchise brands begins with educating the business owner and providing the guidance necessary to understand the model and make educated decisions around whether franchising is the right way to scale their brand.

Franchising Guidelines

The Franchise Industry is governed by the Federal Trade Commission on a federal level.  As a Franchisor, you will be responsible for following these rules and understanding what you are allowed and not allowed to do as a franchise system.

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State Guidelines

In the United States, there are many states which require approval of a franchise to market or offer the franchise brand to residents in that particular state.  When you franchise your business, you will be required to obtain approval from the states prior to offering the franchise brand.

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