Automotive Industry

The Automotive portion of the franchise industry is one of the most proven and iconic market segments.  Globally, automotive franchises make up a large portion of some of the biggest, most well known franchise brands.  There are a wide range of business models that would fall into this segment of automotive franchising including car washes, franchised dealerships, mobile detailing, painting, dent repair, brake repair and others.  With brands such as Midas, Meineke, Jiffy Lube, Maaco and other legendary brands, the automotive segment has proven multiple times that the opportunity to build 1,000+ unit franchise systems exists.  Today, the automotive industry is going through a significant transition to electric vehicles and a more green focus which creates opportunity for automotive franchises which are positioned well and offer value to the new demands this transition creates.  Regardless of where your automotive business fits in the market, the opportunity to scale the business through franchising certainly is there and has been proven to be effective.

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FMS Franchise Can Help

Franchise Marketing Systems brings decades of experience to automotive businesses considering whether to franchise a automotive business.  FMS has worked with brands including Ford, Matco Tools, No-H2O Car wash and others to successfully build and implement franchise growth strategies for the automotive franchise market.  The FMS approach to franchising an automotive business is to begin with the planning and structure for how to best position an automotive brand to go to market create a compelling and exciting offer to attract franchisees and generate interest in the franchise offering.  The next step in developing a automotive franchise is to create the necessary franchise disclosure documents and compliance elements needed to offer a automotive franchise model, this is done with third party legal counsel who represents the automotive brand/client.  Then, FMS works with the brand to create the training materials, documentation and structure needed to train and implement the model along with transitioning Intellectual Property to new franchise owners.  Then, Franchise Marketing Systems works with the Automotive brand to build the marketing and sales campaign to generate franchise leads and then sell the offering.  The process is designed to efficiently and effectively package the offering and then FMS will work alongside the client to execute the automotive franchise development model.