Health & Beauty Market

The Health and Beauty services market has grown by leaps and bounds with growing consumer demand for products and services in all categories of the market segment.  The bottom line is people are willing to pay to look and feel better in every aspect of their life.  This category includes massage, haircare, makeup, lash extensions, skincare, fitness and weightloss services.  The fitness segment within this category has been the most established and boasts several chains of fitness franchise brands which have scaled to hundreds or even thousands of locations. 

Planet Fitness, Anytime Fitness and Curves are a few of these incredible fitness franchise brands that scaled efficiently and effectively around the world.  In recent years, other segments in this category have grown very effectively and proven that franchising works in more and more new markets including massage with brands such as Hand and Stone Massage, MedSpa’s with Ideal Image and lash extensions with Amazing Lash.  Successful implementation of the franchise platform has brought both quantity and volume of franchise investors, many of which have no background in health and beauty, but see the strong unit economics and have invested in multiple unit franchise opportunities.

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FMS Franchise Can Help

Let Franchise Marketing Systems help you scale your Health and Beauty services business through franchising.  FMS Franchise is a full service franchise development firm who can provide the strategy for how to scale your health and beauty services business effectively and efficiently.  FMS Franchise works with some of the best Franchise Lawyers to structure the Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement for your Health and Beauty services franchise model.  Let FMS help you with the process of documenting and structuring your health and beauty services business in order to scale and teach your systems to new owners and franchisees.  FMS then will build the marketing platform, franchise sales model and tools needed to attract franchise buyers to your brand.  It begins with a consultation centered around “Should I Franchise my Health and Beauty Services Business?”, let FMS help you understand the franchise opportunity and whether you should franchise your business model.