Retail Industry

The retail industry has gone through enormous changes as it has evolved post-ecommerce and in some cases, the big-box retailers which competed on price and selection have been forced to evolve or go extinct.  The trend towards e-commerce has not and will not replace the demand for experience-based retail brands.  People always have and always will want or need person-to-person interaction when purchasing products or services that require guidance.  So many great retail brands have been born over the recent decade that despite the “Amazon Effect” are putting up incredible numbers and showing that with the right approach, retail still has great opportunities throughout the segment. 

The retail segment of the franchise industry traditionally was one of the largest and most significant market sectors and today, there are extremely well-established franchise retail brands.  When a retail business franchises the model, the benefit to the brand owner is a vested owner operator onsite, working hard to create a great customer experience every day.  In addition, the franchisor now has the benefit of the franchisee making the necessary investment to open each location and purchase inventory creating a financial model that is attractive and high margin.  For the franchisee, they benefit from purchasing a retail franchise system in attaining economies of scale, merchandising leadership and a cohesive brand.

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FMS Franchise Can Help

Franchise Marketing Systems team has worked with a large number of retail franchise brands and supported the franchise initiative in all aspects.  FMS team of consultants has specific experience in how to franchise a retail business and is able to dedicate resources to the development of a retail franchise brand.  The process begins with creating a franchise strategy for an effective retail growth plan and then developing the necessary franchise documentation to execute and implement the retail franchise growth plans.  Franchise Disclosure Documents, Operations Manuals, Training Manuals and franchise marketing materials are all part of developing an effective retail franchise system.  FMS works with both new and existing retail franchise brands to support efficient and effective scale through franchising.