Franchise Marketing Systems is committed to transparent, open and honest education around the franchise business model and helping business owners make educated decisions on whether to franchise their business or how to franchise.  The FMS team of franchise consultants have been working in the franchise development field for decades and supported hundreds of brands to successfully implement franchise growth strategies. 

These resources and FAQs are meant to provide insight and hopefully help you make the best possible decision on how to grow your business.

Franchise Marketing Systems works with both new and existing franchisors to implement, design and execute franchise growth plans.  The franchise model is one of the most amazing ways to scale and grow a business, but like any other business model, requires the right foundation and structure to be effective and show great results.

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Common FAQs

Is my business franchiseable?

There are a variety of factors in determining whether or not a business should or can franchise, visit the Franchise Feasibility Quiz to find out more about whether your business should franchise.

How much does it cost to franchise my business?

The investment to develop a franchise model can be anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 depending on your goals for growth and targets for expansion.  Typically, the faster you are aiming to open franchise locations, you will need more capital to fuel the growth.

What Types of Businesses Can Franchise?

The franchise industry is so widespread now that virtually any industry segment could consider the franchise development route.  FMS has worked with service models, retail, food, sales, technology, healthcare and others.  The franchise industry is diverse and certainly open to any industry segment.

What will my life be like if I Franchise My Business?

You will become more of a coach, teacher and mentor as a franchisor and get away from the operations side of your business.  The idea when you franchise is to begin leveraging your knowledge, experience and expertise more than your working in the business.  Your role will be to help franchise owners improve their business, follow the KPI’s necessary to operate within your franchise and find ways to grow the system.

Who buys a Franchise?

All types of people invest in franchises every day.  The typical franchise buyer profile is someone who appreciates a strong system, wants a business that is proven and in most cases has not owned a business before.  The value to them is that they gain access to a coach and a proven business model to help them shorten the learning curve and build a business faster.

Why Should I Franchise My business?

Businesses franchise their brand for several reasons: to raise capital which funds the brand’s growth through franchise investment, to recruit vested owner-operators and to speed up the growth of the model into new markets.