Fundraising University Franchise

Fundraising University is a unique, high margin and high-value add fundraising services franchise business model. Mr. Mike Bahun founded the company in 2009 and franchised the business in 2020. The business model is a fundraising company that helps team organizations and high school sports teams raise money efficiently.

Fundraising University offers a variety of fundraising efforts that allow school teams in every sport to raise money quickly. The Fundraising University Franchise system is a profitable, high margin and high-demand service company dedicated to helping teams and students run profitable, effective fundraisers designed to raise the most money in the shortest amount of time and reach their fundraising goals.

Franchisees in the Fundraising University franchise model are essentially territory managers who visit the schools and interact with the school managers and sports team coaches. The franchise owners may operate from a home office and are essentially mobile operating throughout a defined territory.

The franchise model is extremely attractive in that the investment needed to open is extremely reasonable and the potential profitability of the franchised business model is outrageously strong. Franchisees should be proficient in sales and be great communicators.

Mr. Bahun recognized that the demand for the services offered and the market segment was much greater than what he could provide directly with company-managed team members and staff. In 2020, Mr. Bahun decided to Franchise the business model with FMS and launch the Fundraising University Franchise model.

The FMS team of franchise consultants worked closely with Fundraising University to develop the franchise business plans, strategy, and approach to the franchise development model. Together, the organizations defined a strategy, developed a competitive analysis for the fundraising services market segment, and built a solid franchise model.

Following the strategic planning work together, Franchise Marketing Systems worked with Fundraising University to develop the Franchise Disclosure Document, Franchise Agreement, Franchise State Registrations, Franchise Operations Manuals, Franchise Training Manuals, and appropriate Franchise Marketing Materials.

After the franchise development work was completed, FMS initiated marketing and franchise recruitment campaigns to begin the franchise sales and marketing campaigns.

The Fundraising University Model was immediately well received and in only two years was able to sell over 80 Franchise Units in markets around the United States making Fundraising University the leader in the fundraising services category.

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