Healthcare Market Segment

The healthcare market segment of the franchise industry has proven to be one of the most consistent performing franchise categories.  The model was proven decades prior, but since the pandemic, the segment has surged forward with new growth and new expansion opportunities.  Healthcare franchises include both service and product sales businesses and come in all shapes and sizes.  Most healthcare service franchise systems require that they are either owned by a licensed medical professional or have oversight from a medical professional which requires specific documentation and legal support to navigate these requirements.  Healthcare franchising has proven enormously effective and with the right brand and franchise system can provide incredible opportunities for growth to a healthcare business model.

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FMS Franchise Can Help

FMS Franchise has worked with many significant healthcare franchise brands including the global healthcare brand Baxter and Allscripts, both of which developed successful franchise platforms with Franchise Marketing Systems support.  In addition, FMS has worked with a large number of nurse staffing, in-home nursing, senior facility, orthodontics, dentist and other medical service franchise brands.  The FMS team of franchise consultants have navigated the requirements of developing a medical franchise and launching new medical franchise systems.  From the documentation, planning, legal (with the support of qualified franchise attorneys), operations and training development and marketing sales support, Franchise Marketing Systems works with brands to develop the appropriate franchise launch platform and execute the selling, recruitment and management of a strong medical franchise system.  If you own a healthcare services business and are considering channels for growing the brand, you should absolutely consider the franchise route as a potential vehicle.