Home-Based Segment

The Home Based segment of franchising has grown enormously over the past decade and was pushed even further with the pandemic.  People today, more than ever, see the value and the opportunity to work from home and build a business in the comfort of their own living room.  The work-life balance that can be created with a home based business is exciting and the overhead is reasonable, what’s not to like about this market segment?  So many home based franchise models have emerged and scaled successfully and the timing today couldn’t be much better for franchising a home based business.

So many great brands have emerged in the past decade which epitomize the effectiveness of a well-structured home based franchise system. 

Franchisee’s have the opportunity to get into business for a low up front investment, they can operate from the comfort of their own home and the margins tend to be fantastic in the home-based franchise segment. There are so many solid systems, but to name a few, here are some of the high growth home based franchise systems FMS has had the opportunity to work with:

  • Fundraising University – 60+ Units in just over 2 years of franchising.
  • Solar Grids – Almost 60 Units in 1 year of franchising.
  • Smash My Trash – 550 Units in 3 years of franchising.
  • Color World House Painting – almost 100 units in 4 years of franchising.
  • Monster Tree Service – 200+ Units in 7 years of franchising.
  • EventPrep – Almost 20 Units in just over 3 years of franchising.
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FMS Franchise Can Help

Franchise Marketing Systems can help you franchise your home based business model.  FMS franchise team of consultants works closely with home based businesses to build, design and structure the business model appropriately for franchise growth.  Home based businesses have unique elements which need to be defined appropriately, structured and organized in order to successfully franchise and FMS can help.  The Franchise Marketing Systems process to develop a home based franchise system begins with planning and documentation and culminates with FMS operating alongside the CEO of the brand to implement and execute the franchise growth model.  Let FMS help you go to market as a home based franchise the right way in order to scale and build your business effectively.