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The Home Based segment of franchising has grown enormously over the past decade and was pushed even further with the pandemic.  People today, more than ever, see the value and the opportunity to work from home and build a business in the comfort of their own living room.  The work-life balance that can be created with a home based business is exciting and the overhead is reasonable, what’s not to like about this market segment?  So many home based franchise models have emerged and scaled successfully and the timing today couldn’t be much better for franchising a home based business.

So many great brands have emerged in the past decade which epitomize the effectiveness of a well-structured home based franchise system. 

Franchisee’s have the opportunity to get into business for a low up front investment, they can operate from the comfort of their own home and the margins tend to be fantastic in the home-based franchise segment. There are so many solid systems, but to name a few, here are some of the high growth home based franchise systems FMS has had the opportunity to work with:

  • Fundraising University – 60+ Units in just over 2 years of franchising.
  • Solar Grids – Almost 60 Units in 1 year of franchising.
  • Smash My Trash – 550 Units in 3 years of franchising.
  • Color World House Painting – almost 100 units in 4 years of franchising.
  • Monster Tree Service – 200+ Units in 7 years of franchising.
  • EventPrep – Almost 20 Units in just over 3 years of franchising.
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FMS Franchise Can Help

Franchise Marketing Systems can help you franchise your home based business model.  FMS franchise team of consultants works closely with home based businesses to build, design and structure the business model appropriately for franchise growth.  Home based businesses have unique elements which need to be defined appropriately, structured and organized in order to successfully franchise and FMS can help.  The Franchise Marketing Systems process to develop a home based franchise system begins with planning and documentation and culminates with FMS operating alongside the CEO of the brand to implement and execute the franchise growth model.  Let FMS help you go to market as a home based franchise the right way in order to scale and build your business effectively.



Gloucester, Virginia – Kimberly Moody has secured an impressive track record in implementing financial goals for a business base of more than $300 million in assets covering customer service, financial planning, estate planning, banking services, and all aspects of investment management. Additionally, she worked as an Adjunct Instructor for Christopher Newport University, where she taught investment courses to individuals interested in learning more about financial planning. Ms. Moody also has experience as the Co-Host for WVEC Channel 13’s show “Investing 101” and Co-Host of WTKR’s radio station’s financial planning show. She has also held more than 100 public seminars on financial planning topics and was the speaker for National Space Society Conferences for NASA. Ms. Moody intends to use her proven business expertise, natural leadership ability, and personal determination to sell and grow franchise development.



New York, NY – Paul has 25+ years experienced in business development management and direct sales with Blue-Chip companies – CA, ADP, Pitney Bowes and National accounts such as Deutsche Bank, PepsiCo, Verizon. Received many awards and acknowledgement for sales achievement and success where personally responsible for generating in excess of $100m in revenue. Paul has been married for 34 years with six children. Paul graduated from Northern Michigan University in Marketing and from Marquette with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.



Boca Raton, FL – Michelle White has worked in the franchise industry since 2012 in franchise sales, franchise development and as a franchise consultant. Previous to working with Franchise Marketing Systems, Ms. White worked in real estate development throughout South Florida and Illinois. Ms. White has a wide range of business skill sets including business management, business development, sales, marketing and financial management. Ms. White supports Franchise Marketing Systems clients through document development and franchise consulting work.


Midwest – Ms. Trisha Conner is the documentation specialist for Franchise Marketing Systems, working with client’s legal counsel to initiate the Franchise Disclosure Documentation for a wide variety of business models each year. Since 2011, she has also held key responsibilities for the management, accuracy and timely distribution of client leads via the company CRM. Additionally, Ms. Conner contributes strategic planning as the company experiences growth. Previous work-related experiences include a decade of successful fundraising including financial accountability; extensive international travel including multiple international relocations in support of her husband’s agricultural commodities sales business; client services for Varig airlines in NYC. In addition to raising her family, Trisha has many years’ experience as a primary caregiver for elderly family members and is extensively familiar with in-home care businesses. An avid sports enthusiast, Trisha combines her continued fund-raising focus with cycling events. She played tennis competitively for more than 20 years and has recently added kayaking to her activities. Ms. Conner attended Colorado University, the Alliance Francaise and the Sorbonne in Paris and Northern IL University, graduating with a BA in French.
Kaitlin Eileen


Kaitlin is a graphic designer and a Facebook™️ ad Strategist. A born creator, her passion for creativity grew as she explored the design and artistic side of marketing. She has a special focus on presentation and visual design and is insanely curious about learning new skills to continuously improve her portfolio.

Tackling everything from Brochure design to Landing Pages and everything in between, she is always excited to grow her clients’ brands into something beautiful. When she isn’t working, her creative roots are always showing. Her love for Marketing and design go beyond the desk, her creative juices flow in the kitchen and in the garden. She also loves nature and all animals big and small but what she really loves is making her clients happy.

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Noah Cunningham


Augusta, GA – Noah is a designer for FMS. He has been designing for 4 years and has a wide range of skills when it comes to designing. Noah has a passion for communicating visually and creating visually successful brands. He loves creating for a wide range of clients and strives to fulfill their needs in design.

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