Are you looking to learn how to franchise a business? Are you interested in franchising? We are here to help. With a team of almost 30+ expert franchise consultants on staff, FMS Franchise brings a wide range of diverse and deep experience in franchise consulting to support franchise development. Whether you are new to the franchise industry and just bringing your brand to market as a franchise for the first time, or are an existing franchisor, FMS Franchise can support your growth goals and execution of your franchise strategy and help you in opening a franchise.  

FMS Franchise is able to leverage a track record of implementing franchise growth plans for over 500+ brands and has facilitated over 6,000+ unit sales for these brands. The approach FMS takes is unique for the market in that it is a long-term, performance-based approach to the relationship which aligns interests and efficiently drives franchise results.

Learn Franchising and How FMS Can Help!

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What is Franchising?

Franchising is a third-party distribution system that brands and businesses use to scale their model and sell more of their product or service offering. Learn more about franchising below.

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Why Franchise?

There are many franchise advantages beecause it allows you to retain ownership of your brand, control of your operations and leverage the independent passion and drive of franchise owners. The model allows you to raise capital for your growth, retail vested owner operators to manage the business and grow quickly.

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Franchise Industry Facts

The franchise industry is almost $800 Billion in economic output in the U.S. alone and creates jobs, new businesses and growth in virtually every industry segment.

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Franchise How To Guides

When considering “How to Franchise Your Business” there are so many great resources and tools to help you understand the franchise model and unique elements of every part of franchise model.

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How to Franchise Your Business

This How to Start a Franchise or Franchising Your Business is an overall guide related to the strategy, model and overall impact of how franchising could scale your brand and expand your business.

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How to Write a Franchise Operations Manual Guide

Franchise Operations Manual Guide consists of a detailed review of what is involved in developing the training, documentation and process documents needed to teach a franchise owner how to do what you do.

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Franchise Marketing Systems as your franchise development agency, will provide both internal and external resources related to every aspect of developing a great franchise business model.

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Franchising Guidelines

Franchising is a business model that is governed by both Federal and State regulations, these guidelines provide the framework and overview of how to franchise and be compliant with these rules.

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State Guidelines

To offer your franchise in certain states throughout the U.S., you must register your franchise in some states. This state guidelines overview provides the guide for franchise filings and franchise registrations.

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Franchise FAQs

The FAQ overview is a general guide to franchise questions and queries you may have related to opening a franchise in US.

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