Expert Franchisor Efficiency Audit Services

Complete 360 Business Audit and Recommendations for Emerging Franchisors in the USA

FMS’s franchise efficiency audit services consist of 3 days and 2 nights at the on-site corporate location and it includes deep dive into the following services:

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  1. One on One time with key players gaining a deep understanding of their roles and deliverables.  Gaining an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, where they need additional development and their upside capacity.
  2. Field Operations time observing operational execution, client interaction, and all internal workflow, assessing operational strengths and areas for improvement.
  3. Systems and Process workflow walkthrough (Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance, Support, Franchise Development) includes an assessment of the current tech deck.
  4. Direct time spent with the Executive leadership team to assess leadership dynamic and synergy, identifying areas where additional executive horsepower is needed.
  5. Direct time with Executive leadership to gain a detailed understanding of strategic goals and vision for the company, so that all tactical execution is in alignment  
  6. Also includes 2 weeks of follow-up close contact remote deliverables around the following:
    • Interview existing Franchise Partners, obtaining objective feedback orally and via survey.
    • Interviewing all internal team members, and obtaining objective feedback orally and via survey.
    • Creation of SCOPE analysis of the business with recommendations.
    • Creation of TOPA (Total Online Presence Analysis) of the website(s) and digital marketing efforts, with recommendations.
    • Complete (Operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Support) Systems and Process analysis and assessment with recommendations.
    • Org/Accountability Chart Assessment and recommendations for organizational build-out to scale, including the potential need for fractional/interim leadership positions.
    • Assessment of current franchise development strategy and execution with recommendations based on growth plans.
    • Additional executive advice and counsel as needed.

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