Children’s Segment

The Children’s segment of franchising has been a consistent performer in the franchise industry for many decades now.  As parents and families consistently spend more on their kids, the opportunity for businesses that provide products or services to this consumer segment has also expanded significantly.  Children’s franchises include entertainment models such as kids play parks and entertainment centers such as Launch Trampoline Parks, Sky Zone and Kids Empire which create fun, engaging play environments for kids to go let off steam and parents to have a moment off.  The Children’s franchise market also includes a wide range of education and children’s development franchise brands such as Mad Science Group, Code Ninja, Kumon and others which are positioned to provide education and learning opportunities for children. 

With strong, consistent operating models and great marketing systems in place, these brands have grown exponentially over recent years.  In many markets, children’s education based franchises comprise some of the most iconic franchise brands and have leveraged the franchise model exceptionally well to grow.

Launch Trampoline Franchise
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FMS Franchise Can Help

Franchise Marketing Systems has worked extensively in the children’s services segment of franchising including work with International Brands such as Mad Science Group, Berlitz, Montessori Kids Universe and others.  FMS team of franchise consultants are experienced in the children’s franchise market and can provide the guidance, strategy and support in executing the model needed to scale and grow your children’s services business through the franchise model.  FMS has developed Children’s Franchise brands in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Africa, Europe and throughout Asia and will be able to leverage specific children’s franchise experience to support building a successful franchise platform.  Start with a consultation and let FMS help you understand the value of franchising and determine the franchiseability of your brand and business model.  Fortunately, there are many success stories in the children’s franchise segment, so the path has been paved, it is a matter of determining if your model has the structure, systems and differentiators needed to create market share for your offering.

Franchise Marketing Systems has worked with a wide range of existing franchise systems from the Children’s market and helped develop strategy and added resources to build better, bigger and more efficient franchise platforms.  FMS team begins the process of working with existing children’s franchise brands by doing a analysis and review of the current structure, business model, success/failures and overall goals for growth.  FMS team of franchise consultants will review existing Franchise Operations Manuals, Business Plans, FDD, Franchise Agreement and Franchise Marketing Collateral to provide direction and insight on how to improve growth trajectory and maximize efficiency within the children’s franchise network.  FMS brings a great deal of experience to most children’s franchise brands that can be leveraged quickly and efficiently.