FMS Franchise has spent more than 13 years in the US franchise industry working with all types of businesses and industries to support growth through franchising. We have built many franchise how-to guides and tools to help you understand the franchise model and franchise industry in order to help you make better decisions and hopefully see the opportunity in franchise growth.

These tools are meant to be references and information guidelines, but please don’t hold back on having a call with one of our expert franchise consultants to discuss your business specifics, the model, and your goals. FMS is dedicated to helping educate people and business owners on how to start a franchise and franchising model before they make any decision, good or bad. Let FMS support you in your journey to explore whether opening a franchise or franchising could be an effective distribution system for your business or not.

How To Start a Franchise

Thinking of opening a franchise in the US? The franchise model is an exceptional model for scaling your business. It has many benefits like when you start a franchise, you open up opportunities to bring capital into your brand without giving up control or ownership in your business like a traditional partnership.  Franchisees bring motivation, and dedication, and as a vested owner-operator can allow the business owner to scale the brand without getting bogged down in the operations side of the business. 

This element is even more important when considering opening new locations in markets where the ownership and leadership are not physically located. Franchisees do not require the constant oversight and management that company-owned locations do and the franchisor can focus on growth and strategic initiatives.  Franchise systems also have the ability to grow very quickly and cover lots of ground in a very short time period. 

Many have described the franchise platform as the most amazing growth model ever implemented for most businesses. 

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How to Write a Franchise Operations Manual

The Franchise Operations documentation or franchise standard operating procedure is an enormously important and critical component to the success of any franchise system.  Whether you are in the pizza business, an advertising agency, or a medical services franchise, your ability to get processes on paper, document what makes the business model work effectively, and structure the systems of the business is directly tied to the success of your franchise brand. 

The Franchise Operations Manual development should cover every aspect of what makes the business work from some of the most mundane and granular elements to the bigger picture and high-level elements involved in operating the franchised business.  Everything needs to be in order, structured, and organized to provide the new franchisees with the tools they need to be successful.  So many of the franchise investors that come into a new system do not have experience operating the type of business they are buying into as a franchisee. 

The franchisee (aka franchise owner) is counting on the franchisor to give them the tools and structure they need to shorten the learning curve and build their business quickly.

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