Education Services Segment

The education services franchise segment has proven to be one of the most consistent and fast-paced franchise market segments.  The reality is that now more than ever before, people just continue to invest in their kids regardless of what is happening with the economy or financial environment.  There are so many great education-based franchise brands which offer creative and high margin business models which benefit both the families they serve and the franchisees that invest in these businesses.  Education franchises serve all age ranges, offer education services which focus on all segments of learning and have so many different approaches that there is something for just about any franchise investor.  If you own an education business and are considering scaling the model, franchising must be on your list of consideration as a vehicle for growth.

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FMS Franchise Can Help

FMS Franchise has worked with a wide range of education franchise brands to build, launch and develop education franchise systems to scale into new markets.  This specific industry experience in the education market segment helps a new franchise brand go to market effectively and efficiently to be able to grow a education business through franchising.  Franchise Marketing Systems begins with creating a strong, well-though through education franchise development plan which documents fee structures, territory modeling, royalty modeling and education service franchise feasibility analysis.  Then, the FMS development process transitions to working on the FDD, Franchise Agreements and franchise state registrations to legally offer the education franchise model.  FMS Franchise then works with the brand to create the training, document the curriculums and organize the education franchise to be able to sell and train new franchise owners for the brand.  Finally, Franchise Marketing Systems works with the brand to create the education franchise collateral, marketing materials and tools needed to present and sell the education franchise to investors.  Let FMS help your education business understand the franchise model, evaluate the opportunity and if it makes sense, execute your franchise growth plans.