Services Industry

The Services industry has become one of the biggest and fastest growing market segments in franchising over recent years.  With more and more “White Collar” franchise investors coming into the franchise market, this industry segment has grown at breakneck speeds.  Service businesses include a wide range of types of business and models, from professional services to landscaping or painting and home services, this segment is big and getting bigger every year.  For one, Service Franchises do not require the upfront capital that a traditional, fixed location business needs to start making the industry segment appealing and attainable for those who don’t necessarily have unlimited resources at their disposal.  The Service segment of franchising also offers very high-profit margins and low overhead which is extremely appealing for a new franchise owner and makes the risk of failure somewhat lower. 

In today’s market, the home services segment includes trade segments such as carpet cleaning, restoration, painting, roofing, landscaping, window and door sales along with others which generally have exploded in growth with more people investing more dollars into their homes every year.  There is also a wide range of professional service franchises which include accounting, payroll management, CEO training and leadership, financing, and other market segments which have grown exponentially as well with the increase in corporate “refugees” entering the franchise market.  Regardless of what market segment your service business operates in, there could be an opportunity to franchise your business and scale into new markets. 

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FMS Franchise Can Help

Franchise Marketing Systems can help you franchise your service business and both develop the franchise model for growth and support sales and marketing of your brand as a franchise system.  FMS has worked with a wide range of service businesses and developed hundreds of service franchise brands.  These brands come from all industry segments within the service market and with FMS have been able to grow into new markets and develop their brand.  911 Restoration, Berlitz, Delta, No-H2O, Bloomin Blinds, Smash My Trash, Air Canada, and others are examples of great service franchise systems which Franchise Marketing Systems has supported and developed.  The FMS team of consultants is positioned well for service franchise development due in part to the fact that the company was founded in 2009 when service franchises were really one of the only high-growth market segments.  For this reason, many of the brands that FMS began working with were in the service market segment and since that time, many more successful service-based franchises have been launched. FMS Franchise team works with service businesses to develop the franchise platform, create the necessary franchise documentation, service operations manuals, service Franchise Agreement, and FDD, and ultimately support the selling and marketing of the service franchise model.