5 Powerful Tips for Effective Franchise Marketing

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Franchise marketing does not have to be difficult or complicated. If you follow a few simple guidelines when it comes to getting your business in front of other people you will have substantial results and reap the rewards. If you do it wrong, however, you could end up with some not so positive results. We have put together a list of some pro tips to help you get the ball rolling and give you a little insight on how to market your franchise the right way.

Be Consistent

Whatever it is that your franchise has to offer, make sure that everywhere it is seen it always looks the same. If you have a catchphrase visible in one area, be sure it is visible in all. Make sure the logo and fonts are the same everywhere you are seen. Whether it be on a poster, or in a digital post be the same on all media. It is important that when people see anything that has to do with your franchise they automatically associate your business with what they see so that you become familiar to them.

Use Social Media to Share Franchise News

There are several different social media platforms these days that many businesses use to promote themselves. Because of the tremendous amount of traffic one post is capable of receiving it is an absolute no brainer to use all of the social media exposure you can possibly get. Google business is a powerful way to market your business that will allow room for all of your franchisees to have a profile of their own. Having a Facebook business page is very effective as well. Sharing business-related stories, posting nice photos, and even sharing interesting facts regularly boost activity on your pages and increases the visibility of your content.

Have a Dynamic Franchise Website

Having a good looking website is one thing, but having a powerful website that is structured for high web visibility is another. Make sure that each franchise location has the same look and the same message regarding your service or product. Create new pages and content on a regular basis. By creating sales, specials and having news posts about general happenings with the company you generate more energy out into the web and keep the major search engines interested in your website. The more your website seems alive and busy, the more important it seems to the world wide web.

Protect Your Brand Name

It goes without saying that every business should always do the right thing. Not every customer is always going to be happy about everything. Some people are just naturally angry and are never happy no matter how hard you try to please them. However, any business that always does the right thing can never be blamed for wrongdoing. Do business in such a way that whenever people hear the name, or see the logo they automatically know that you do things with honesty and integrity. A huge tool in effective franchise marketing is word of mouth. If people say good things about you, they will remember your name when they look for what you are offering.

Hire Professional Franchise Marketers

Although our franchise marketing tips above are very effective and will generate phenomenal results they do take some work. Allow a team of professionals to do that work for you and relieve you of that burden. Franchise Marketing Systems has been in business since 2009 and helped many businesses push their franchises to the next level and beyond. Contact us and get your free franchise consultation right now. Let our team of experts guide you into the dreams you have been chasing your whole life. Just a few minutes of your time has the potential to create a global name that everybody knows. Why wait?