Nerds To Go Franchise

The Nerds To Go Franchise was developed originally by David Colella in 2003 after recognizing that there was a space in the market for computer repair, mobile repair, and IT support services provided to residential and commercial clients at their homes or business.

NerdsToGo was launched in the Connecticut market and was an instant hit for customers who desperately needed technical help and computer repair support. The brand, the business model, and the professional service-based business were immediately well received.

Mr. Colella decided to franchise the business model in 2016 and began offering the technology service franchise to third-party investors who appreciated the brand and business model and how strong the value proposition was for the business model.  The franchise market had since the early 2000s started to enter into the professional services space and there were more and more professional, “white collar” franchise brands that were successfully scaling through franchise growth.

David worked with FMS to build the franchise structure and organize the franchise development process for NerdsToGo.

The franchise development process consisted of creating the NerdsToGo franchise business plans, franchise strategy, and effectively the go-to market for the technology service franchise model.  This incorporated market research for other technology and similar mobile professional service brands.  By understanding franchise fees, royalties, and territory models, the technology franchise was able to go to market with a compelling franchise offering.

The FMS Franchise team, with third-party franchise lawyers, worked on the FDD, Franchise Agreements and necessary Franchise State Registrations, Franchise Operations Manuals, Franchise Training programs, and Franchise Marketing materials to sell and promote the NerdsToGo franchise system.  The FMS expert team of expert franchise sales professionals then supported the implementation and execution of the first franchise sales and franchise marketing model.

In 2018, the brand was acquired by a large franchise holding company to take the business model forward and effectively continue the franchise growth model.  Today, NerdsToGo is one of the market leaders in the technology services franchise market.

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