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To change the way that small and medium sized businesses market and sell services.

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Powered By The People offers a completely unique and totally advanced marketing program to businesses that combines the value of advanced web-based marketing programs and a performance based payment model.  Powered By the People aims to redefine the marketing field and give small businesses the advantages of larger firms when competing for marketing space on the web.


With the web having become the most effective and popular medium for marketing and business development over the past five years, more and more companies are being forced to establish a strong presence on the Internet in order to be competitive as a brand and service or product offering.  With over $26 Billion per year being spent on Search Engine Optimization to build brand presence, the focus and commitment to the web is undeniable.  What has happened is with the transition to web-based marketing, more and more of the smaller and medium sized businesses have been unable to keep up and spend enough to be competitive in their respective marketplace.

This is particularly true with service-based businesses that do not have the resources, experience or understanding for how to manage web marketing.  There are many service industry segments which this holds particularly true:

General Contractors – Home remodeling like : Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom remodeling and Home Additions.

A/C Contractors

Air Duct & Duct Cleaning

Garage Doors & Gates

Fence & Railing ContractorsShutterstock_83072500


Electrical Contractors

Water Damage and Restoration

Roofing Contractors

Foundation Contractors

Landscaping Contractors

Carpet Cleaning

Pest Control


Many of these industry segments are traditionally not accustomed to utilizing the Internet to market and build their customer base.  They have either tried to market on the web and spent ill-advised dollars incorrectly or have not tried at all to generate business through web marketing.  This is where Powered By The People has found an enormous market opportunity to service these businesses and provide a solution to their web marketing needs.

Powered By The People is a web marketing firm that builds web presence through the development of web portals which effectively “cover” a market for particular key words and search terms.  By having a team of professional and specialized web marketing managers, PBTP allows the small business owner to leverage a team of resources and skills that typically would be unattainable for them to employ or hire.  This is made possible because the PBTP model offers services to the customer through a performance based model.  Business that is generated by the PBTP web marketing model pays the customer 75 – 85% of operating profit and PBTP receives the other 15 – 25% depending on the trade sgement.  It is this model that allows the small business owner to have access to these resources without the large outlay of capital and cash that it would typically take to utilize this type of skill set and talent.  The company literally brings the power of advanced, high end web marketing to the smaller player in a service field.

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After assessing the business owner’s needs and goals, Powered By the People designs a personalized web marketing program which will market a particular service in a focused market.  Powered By The People offers web marketing through a keen understanding for how to manage SEO marketing.  The performance pay model allows smaller businesses to utilize these services and work with the company as a team in developing a market through web advertising.


The operating concept for Powered By The People is very simple and structured to provide a highly profitable, work from home business opportunity.  Franchisees will operate the business from a home based operation without any employees.  They will market to businesses and offer the PBTP advertising services based on the performance model.  Through support systems and back end implementation by the franchisor – the franchisee only needs to be the “Face” of the organization and the local support person for that territory.  They will sell the account and then manage the relationship with the business owner.

For more information on the Powered by the People Franchise, contact us:

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