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French Fry Heaven Franchise Opportunity

The French Fry Heaven franchise was a unique, innovative, and fun model created in 2013. The brand was designed to focus on the French fry market entirely but brought an amazingly unique and innovative approach to the French fry market.

With people in general loving french fries, the idea seemed obvious, but what hadn’t been tried before was to bring a menu that offered versions of french fries with variations, flavors, and combinations that had never been seen or done before.

The original corporate location was opened in Jacksonville, Florida, and was an immediate hit with the consumer. Reasonable pricing, an exciting brand, and a fun experience made the French Fry Heaven model extremely appealing.

Within a year, it was obvious that the brand was going to be a hit and that there was more market opportunity than could be handled with corporate-owned growth. Within the first year of business, the leadership team decided to launch the French Fry Heaven franchise offering.

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The Franchise Offer

French Fry Heaven franchise model was a lower investment with a smaller footprint, low rent costs, and a build-out that could be done with a reasonable initial investment. The model was typically located in a high-end mall location or a high-profile strip center location.

The branding, presentation, and exposure for the brand were exceptional and what made the initial rollout even more exceptional was the PR that came in so quickly. The brand was featured on National TV programs, Magazine Publications, and Franchise award presentations. Early units performed exceptionally well and validated the offer.

In 2014, French Fry Heaven hired FMS to support the franchise development and franchise sales efforts. FMS worked closely with the leadership team to design, create and build the franchise marketing model and develop a franchise marketing plan.

The FMS team of franchise consultants worked closely with the team to implement and execute a franchise expansion model that would allow for aggressive scale and growth.

Franchise sales were completed through online lead generation, franchise trade shows, franchise brokers, and franchise PR work. As leads were generated, a customized franchise sales CRM was developed to manage the lead flow, and facilitate an efficient franchise sales process, and a franchise sales team was put in place to execute. The sales campaign was remarkably effective and produced excellent results.

The French Fry Heaven franchise model was an immediate hit and captured significant market share within the first two years of franchise sales. Within two years, the brand had sold over 100 franchises through multi-unit franchise ownership, master franchise sales, and individual unit sales. The franchise platform allowed the brand to expand quickly, and efficiently and manage both the financial investment required to open the stores and the operating responsibility of managing stores day to day.

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