Franchise Marketing Systems Client Growth in 2014

Franchise Marketing Systems’ Client Growth 2014:

Boating Franchise

With the close of 2014 coming…in retrospect, it has been a fantastic year for growth, for franchising and building a brand.    

  • Franchises are expected to add nearly 200,000 new jobs in 2014. The pace of employment gains is expected to remain steady compared to 2013, but will continue to outpace total private sector employment growth by 0.3 percent.
  • The number of franchise businesses in 2014 is expected to rise by 12,915 in 2014, bringing total establishments to 770,368.
  • With the fastest growth rate, business services is expected to add 35,109 franchise jobs in 2014, while quick service restaurants, the largest sector in franchising, is expected to create 75,596 new jobs.

Franchise Marketing Systems Clients have experienced fantastic growth and exposure to more markets, more franchise locations and continued development of brands in a multitude of market segments:

Two Men & A Truck is the largest moving franchise in the United States with more than 270 locations.  More Information: Two Men & A Truck Franchise
SodaStream is the world’s largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of Home Carbonation Systems and has launched a U.S. franchise model. The brand is sold in 45 countries worldwide.  More Information: Beverage Distributor Franchise

REDRHINO Flooring, the leaders in Epoxy flooring services has sold the 17th location in 2014. More Information: REDRHINO Franchise

Mad Science has 165 locations in more than 30 countries and is regarded as a leader in after-school programming for children. More Information: Children’s Franchise

The Bruster’s Ice Cream franchise has expanded to almost 200 units open in 18 states. More Information: Ice Cream Franchise

Romeo’s Pizza has expanded to 32 units in 2014. More Information: Romeo’s Pizza

The “Total Gym” is a $1.2 billion sales brand name and product line of exercise machines used for strength training, stretching, and pilates training and has launched the GRAVITY Studio franchise in 2014. More Information: GRAVITY Studio Franchise

Restoration 1 currently has 41 franchise locations and 1 company located throughout the U.S.  The restoration franchise is a leader in structural water damage repair and remediation work. More Information: Restoration Franchise

Berlitz was established in 1878 and is the world leader in language learning and through 2014 has expanded to over 570 units worldwide.  More Information: Berlitz Franchise

Junk King, a large and growing franchise organization that provides junk removal services to the entire U.S. has opened it’s 54th unit. More Information: Junk Removal Franchise

Community Coffee has opened its 36th coffee shop unit, started in 1919, the company imports, roasts, and sells its coffee beans to grocery and convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, and offices throughout eight southeastern states.

Clean Smoke has opened the 7th location of the electronic cigarette franchise. More Information: Clean Smoke Franchise

Jantize America has opened the 316th unit through a master franchise model to sell and support unit franchisees. More Information: Master Franchises

Medex Patient Transport is the leading Non-Medical Patient Transportation franchise and since 2013, has opened 23 franchises and 5 Master Franchises.   More Information: Non-Medical Transportation Franchise

The Weave Shop is America’s leading Weave services and retail organization. The company opened the 24th location through five states in 2014. More Information: The Weave Shop Franchise

Flower Tent has opened its 93rd location in 2014 and is poised to open over 100 units in 2015. More Information: Flower Tent Franchise Information

Headlights 20/20 USA is an innovative and cutting edge headlight restoration company and has sold the first two franchises in 2014. More Information: Headlights 20/20 USA Franchise

Ecoview Windows – a high-end custom window distribution operation has sold 13 distributors in 2014. More Information: Window Sales Franchise

MopFrog, the Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company franchise model has sold 13 franchises in 2014. More Information: Green Cleaning Franchise

A + Advantage is a tutoring and education franchise that combines the power of intuitive thinking and psychology to create a truly powerful education and tutoring program and has opened the 6th franchise in 2014.

Brakes for Less is a concept based on almost 40 years of experience in the automotive services industry and has opened the 3rd franchise in 2014. More Information: Brake Repair Franchise

Tasty Image, a business model that offers a cutting-edge technology to create personalized printed images on confectionary items and chocolate gifts has opened the 19th unit in 2014. More Information: Chocolate Franchise

The Mosquito Terminators franchise has redefined the pest control market is continuing to grow the brand quickly and in 2014 opened the 121st location. More Information: Mosquito Terminators Franchise

Classic Commercial is a commercial cleaning business that has provided service to hotel chains and national commercial accounts since 1973 and has opened the 4th location in 2014. More Information: Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Capital Business Solutions franchise has opened 11 business brokerage franchise locations. More Information: Business Broker Franchise

Citrusolutions Carpet Cleaning has opened 86 franchise locations and 5 Master Franchises.

Ducerus has sold 14 franchises since 2010 and added three new franchise locations in 2014. More Information: Ducerus College Planning Franchise

Caring Matters is an In-Home Care franchise that has opened the 66th senior care franchise in 2014. More Information: Caring Matters Home Care Franchise

Splash and Dash for Dogs has expanded throughout the U.S., Australia and Canada in 2014 and opened the 42nd location since 2010. More Information: Splash and Dash License

My Guys currently has opened 4 franchise units in addition to the corporate location in Washington D.C. More Information: Moving Service Franchises

Park Select Franchise Group has opened the 5th location in 2014.   More Information: Park Select Franchise

The Bactronix franchise has opened 6 franchises in 2014 to market, sell and implement the proprietary cleaning and sterilization processes. More Information: Bactronix Franchise

Vital Restoration is a water, fire, smoke, and mold remediation franchise that has developed a unique system for developing water and fire restoration services. More Information: Vital Restoration Franchise

The Office Squad franchise has created a model that allows businesses to outsource their office responsibilities to a full staffed office facility and has opened the first franchise. More Information: Outsourced Office Franchise

Strong College Students has opened the first two locations of the innovative and aggressive moving brand.  More Information:  Moving Franchise Opportunity

Grasons Estate Sales Franchise is a leader in Estate Sales Planning work and launched the franchise in 2014 and has sold the first 3 franchises. More Information: Estate Sale Franchise

The Middle Spoon is a dessert bar franchise model based in Halifax, Nova Scotia which has redefined the specialty foodservice segment with high-end cocktails and has sold the first two franchises in 2014. More Information: Dessert Bar Franchise

Your Pro Kitchen is a shared commercial kitchen space business and has sold 9 franchises since 2013. More Information: Shared Kitchen Franchise

Medifast is a public company with almost 200 locations providing weight loss services to clients around the world.  More Information: Weight Loss Franchise

Simple Computer Repair is a full service electronic device repair company providing repair services for Computers, Phones, Video Games and any other electronic needs and has opened the 7th franchise since 2013.   More Information: Computer Repair License


Renter’s Warehouse Franchise offers a property management and real estate services franchise which has grown to 14 property management franchises over the past year.  More Information: Property Management Franchise

Workwear on Wheels provides mobile uniform supply and sales to primarily the medical field and has opened the 5th location in 2014.  More Information: Mobile Uniform Franchise

The School Newsletter Company is a recognized regional innovator in alternative revenue sources for schools and has opened the 23rd location in 2014.  More Information: School Newsletter Franchise

Seva Beauty is a brow, nail and lashes salon that has partnered with Walmart to establish key franchise locations in throughout the U.S. and has opened the 74th location in 2014.  More Information: Brow Franchise

Discovery Map is the nation’s leading map and guide publishing franchise company and has opened the 132nd location in 2014. More Information: Maps Franchise

Tin Fish Restaurants currently operate 11 seafood restaurants in 5 different states across the U.S.  More Information: Seafood Franchise

iGeneration is a cell phone repair franchise which launched in 2014. More Information: iGeneration Franchise

The Motorcycle Towing Franchise model offers low investment and strong profitability. There are two locations in operation currently. More Information: Motorcycle Towing Franchise

Dr. Quinn’s Weight Loss has 4 locations and launched the franchise platform in 2014. More Information: Weight Loss Franchise

Carmella’s is a 25 year old brand in New York and launched the franchise platform in 2014. More Information: Carmella’s Franchise

Philly Connection is the leading brand in the cheese steak market space with 37 units in place and launched the food truck franchise brand in 2014. More Information: Cheesesteak Franchise

BizCard Xpress is a printing and advertising franchise and has opened the 36th location in 2014 and started franchising in 2010. More Information: BizCard Franchise

Postal Connections is a leading shipping, printing and marketing franchise and opened the 41st store in 2014. More Information: Postal Connections Franchise

Groutastistic is a paving, grout repair, and home services franchise that launched in 2014. More Information: Groutastic Franchise

iDesign Holiday Lighting offers a full-service lighting franchise and launched in 2014. More Information: iDesign Franchise

Lifeline Repairs is a leading cell phone repair and service franchise. 7 Franchises have been sold in 2014 for the brand. More Information: LifeLine Repairs Franchise

Klein, Epstein & Parker is a custom men’s suit and clothing franchise and has opened 4 locations. More Information: Klein, Epstein and Parker

Italian Delight is a fast-casual Italian QSR franchise which has opened 4 locations in 2014. More Information: Italian Delight

Bloomin Blinds is a blind sales and repair franchise-operated from a mobile unit, the first franchise was sold in 2014. More Information: Bloomin Blinds Franchise

Maui Tacos has opened it’s 9th location in 2014. More Information: Maui Tacos

McFadden’s Bar and Grill has opened it’s 17th location in 2014. More Information: McFadden’s Franchise

Sweet Pea Ice Cream opened it’s 7th location in 2014. More Information: Sweet Pea Ice Cream Franchise

The Lost Cajun has sold 4 franchises in 2014. More Information: Lost Cajun Franchise

eMaids has launched a franchise model in 2014. More Information: eMaids Franchise

Intelliturf has opened it’s 4th location in 2014. More Information: Intelliturf Franchise

Lekha Creative Writing has launched a franchise model in 2014. More Information: Lekha Franchise

All About Loving Care has opened two franchises in 2014. More Information: In-Home Care Franchise

The Boating Times Business Opportunity has sold 4 distribution territories in 2014. More Information: Boating Franchise

Char-Hut is a leading burger franchise, the 5th location was opened in 2014. More Information:  Specialty Burger Franchise

Blue Moon Estate Sales is an Estate Sale Franchise that opened up the 7th location in 2014.

The Haven Family Care Homes is a residential Senior Care Home franchise has opened the 7th location in 2014. More Information: Family Care Home Franchise

Agape is a test prep and educational franchise which launched in 2014.   More Information: Agape Leaders Institute Franchise

Brain Freeze Cafe is a growing frozen yogurt and sub sandwich franchise which launched in 2014. More Information: Brain Freeze Cafe Franchise