Suite Paws Pet Resort Franchise

Suite Paws Pet Resort Franchise

The Suite Paws business model is a large concept that combines the revenue opportunities of boarding, grooming and retail under one roof.  With a sophisticated business model that generates profitable margins and allows for the streamlined operation of a large business, the Suite Paws franchise delivers the opportunity to be in the Pet Resort business successfully.Yh5Baeaaaaalaaaaaabaaeaaaibraa7 - Fms Franchise

The flagship location in Raleigh, NC is a 20,000-square-foot location that combines the power of technology and new-age thinking with that of the pet care business. Together, it creates a powerful combination of a solid business model in a fun and light-hearted industry.

Suite Paws was founded by Laura Muntel, a lifelong animal lover with a long history of commitment and service to animals in 2008. This business is a dream come true for her and the entire family. As she lives that dream, she never loses sight of those less fortunate animals in search of loving homes.

Loving Paw
Suite Paws has special offers and rates for non-profit rescues.

Green Paw
Suite Paws is a green facility, ensuring the finest natural surroundings for our guests, and protecting the environment we all share. Some of the advanced green building elements include:

  • Skylights with transitional interior lighting
  • Rainwater capture and recycling system for irrigation
  • Anti-microbial K9 grass system
  • Use of green building materials and recycled tires for the play yard surface
  • The centralized, high-speed cleaning system ensures the facility is clean and sanitary at all times.

Franchise owners should share this love for animals and pets in order to be fit for the Suite Paws Pet Resort franchise. The business requires a strong management background and someone who can manage a significant number of employees. 

For more information on the Suite Paws Franchise, contact us.

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