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Dig This Franchise

digthislogoThe DIG THIS® model delivers a unique, unforgettable experience to the customer and generates revenue through corporate training excursions, private parties, individual digs, retail sales, and sponsorships. Since 2011, the business model in Las Vegas has garnered so much attention that it created a market industry niche perfect for franchising.

The demographics are evenly split between men and women with an average age of 45. Sessions are sold as individual or group sessions for corporate events, training sessions, and personal social events such as parties or getaways.  There is a participant minimum age of 14.
The vision is to develop a national and global marketplace for the DIG THIS® operating model by delivering an unparalleled experience to the customer and establishing the brand as the leader in the marketplace of heavy equipment playgrounds.
To assist in the launch of a successful heavy equipment playground business, franchisees will have the opportunity to utilize the coaching, support, branding, and strategic alliances that DIG THIS® has developed since 2005.


As a DIG THIS® franchisee, you’ll enjoy the benefits of being your own boss, while being supported by a dedicated franchise team that is committed to your long term success! Our franchise program gives you the opportunity to own a “one-of-a-kind” recreational experience!

It hasn’t always been simply playing in the dirt. Along the way we’ve developed and re.ned activities for heavy equipment enthusiasts and models for corporate groups. We have taken five years of research and development to ensure that your DIG THIS® franchise has the greatest opportunity for success!
We continue to improve our business model at our flag ship location in Las Vegas. Since opening in May 2011, DIG THIS® had over 6000 extremely satis.ed participants in our .rst year of business. In addition to a steady stream of happy customers, CBS Sunday Morning, CNN, the Travel Channel, and Spike TV have reported glowingly about getting down and dirty at DIG THIS®.
-The ROI for a DIG THIS® location is strong and the profitability is a projected 42% by the second year.
-Overall the system is very simple and structured in a way that can be replicated in an e.cient manner.
Now YOU can have to opportunity to operate a DIG THIS® franchise with the same proven popularity and profitability.
dig-this-las-vegas-at-facebook_28_493x370PROTECTED TERRITORY
The media loves our concept too! In our Five years of operations, DIG THIS® has been featured in over 1000 publications, featured on numerous prime time national television news and network programs and logged over 1.5 billion media impressions! We are committed to helping you achieve marketing success as well. We have created opportunities for franchisees to capitalize on our marketing partnerships with some of the most respected and popular marketing companies, wholesalers and event planning companies in the United States.
Unlike other franchises who require you to operate in a particular geographic area or location, DIG THIS® allows you to operate wherever you want. Additionally, by becoming the first franchisee in your area, you have the opportunity to PROTECT a substantial area for your DIG THIS® operation!
In the past several years, DIG THIS® has developed and refined exciting and extremely safe curriculum models, including fully engaging hands on individual activities as well as dozens of corporate group programs that are yours to use and modify as you wish. In addition, by becoming a DIG THIS® franchisee, you will receive lifetime access to new programs, activities and curriculums as they are developed!

We believe that training and employee development is the keystone to your success as a franchisee. We don’t just drop you off a manual to train your people, we actually TRAIN THEM FOR YOU. In addition to comprehensive start-up training for your site manager and instructor team, we can also offer additional training sessions for you and your team in the first year!

DIG THIS® offers a deliberate, comprehensive and effective on-going support program and franchise training program designed to help you get the most out of your DIG THIS®
location.  The franchise training program covers:
• Franchise Owner Training
• General Operations & Site Management
• Management of Daily Operations
• Guest Service Models
• Financial Management and Accounting assistanceenr0530dig_1web

• General Equipment Maintenance
• Local Marketing
• OperationsManager Training Las Vegas – 1 Week
• Curriculum Models and Scheduling
• Staff Selection and Development
• Train-The-Trainer Facilitator Training
• Site Specific Marketing Plan Development
• Site Specific Operations Manual Development
• On Site Staff Training – 1 Week
• Equipment Operation Seminars
• Comprehensive Facilitation Training
• Customer Service Training
• Hands-On Activity Orientations of all DIG THIS® activities
• Safety Training
As a DIG THIS® franchisee, you will have access to a very strong marketing and advertising support team that has spent several years researching and developing programs that:
ON-SITE TRAINING Additionally, you will have access to our premium tools to help establish your success with a DIG THIS® franchise:
Additionally, in your first year, we will also send our training team to your location to assist with conducting on-site training sessions for your staff on the day-to-day operations of your
location for an additional fee.
We will also provide you with manuals and training materials that will be used to assist with the successful operation of your DIG THIS® location. These resources will aid you in virtually
every aspect of your business.
• Website Development
• Branding
• Strategic Partnership Development