The Mad Science Franchise

The Mad Science Franchise 1

Mad Science is a leader in the education industry segment and was a true innovator in the education services market. They were the first of their kind to make a concerted effort to have education and entertainment combined in what now is the competitive “edutainment” market space. 

Mad Science was founded in 1986 by two brothers, Ariel and Ron Shlien who enjoyed science and saw the opportunity to create after-school programs for math and science. The business grew organically and being such a new, innovative, and exciting approach to education word of mouth carried quickly. 

In 1994, the organization turned to the franchise and in the first several years, over 30 franchise locations were opened and the brand quickly became established in the franchise segment as being a thought leader for the children’s education services within the franchise industry.   Today, Mad Science has over 200 franchise locations in over 30 countries around the world. 

As the industry for children’s education services has grown along with the edutainment market space, so too has the increasingly competitive nature of the franchise market.  In 2013, the organization hired FMS Franchise to develop and promote the brand internationally and support growth in developing markets.  Although there was still growth in the U.S. and Canada, most domestic markets had been sold out and the international markets were the immediate potential growth opportunities. 

FMS Franchise supported strategic initiatives and business modeling to promote the Mad Science brand to specific international markets and target Master Franchisees in the regions where immediate opportunities existed. 

Appropriate collateral, procedures, and methodology were developed and the franchise marketing models were developed to introduce the brand to these markets and qualified investors in these areas.  New International Growth was developed and achieved in Morocco, Saudi Arabia, India, Finland, and other regions where market potential existed.

Strong Master Franchise partners who knew, understood, and had relevant business backgrounds in these markets were able to build the Mad Science brand in their respective markets more effectively than through unit franchise sales, and markets like India all of sudden seemed possible. 

The operating franchise unit is a simple, many times home-based location that can be operated by an owner-operator franchisee and only a handful of employees.  The business is and always has been very conducive to scale.     

With this new growth came the opportunity to reinvest in the business model, technology, and curriculums that fueled the Mad Science business model at its core.  New strategic initiatives have supported higher grossing unit sales and overall company growth throughout the established franchise network.    

Today, Mad Science continues to be on the leading edge of education and edutainment services with new curriculums focused on STEM education and new technology delivering education to children through workshops, camps, and classroom settings. 

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