The BungoBox Franchise is Growing

The Bungobox Franchise Is Growing

Bungobox, the industry’s leading green moving franchise, is continuing to grow throughout the United States.  The organization is building relationships and is in discussions with partners in key markets across the country.

Bungobox is changing the way people approach moving.  The company is in the business of renting out BungoBoxes – durable, stackable, supposedly sustainable plastic containers that purportedly cuts the cost of packing supplies in half. It’s somewhat ironic – eschewing recyclable cardboard for plastic – but BungoBox founders Tom Cannon, 38, and Bob Cannon, 42, are certain it has massive advantages over the traditional cardboard boxes.

Essentially, customers rent BungoBoxes and other moving equipment from the company, which are then delivered to their doorstep prior to their move. Once a customer completes their move, the company will drop by their new address to pick up the rented BungoBoxes. “BungoBoxes do not need packing tape, come with removable contents labels, security features to prevent tampering; they are stackable and crush proof,” says co-founder Tom Cannon.

The BungoBox franchise model is based on a combination of business elements that together make up the green moving industry’s leading franchise system.  Through aggressive, professional marketing and branding, a structured lead generation and marketing program, systems and technology to manage the operations and a support centre that provides call support and logistics management, the BungoBox franchise is brimming with growth potential.

For more information on green moving franchises and the BungoBox franchise system, visit the corporate site.

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