Food Truck Franchises: Champion Cheesesteaks

Food Truck Franchises Champion Cheesesteaks

The Champion Cheesesteaks franchise has been designed to deliver maximized results, profitability, and operating efficiencies through a highly refined and structured food truck franchise. The Champion Cheesesteak franchise is a derivation of what was the Philly Connection Franchise system.

Its founder, Mr. Roy Brostrand developed the Philly Connection in the 1980s and has long since sold off his share in the multiple-store chain. The Champion model is his newest creation which takes the winning formula of The Philly Connection and combines it with the hottest segment in food service growth – the Food Truck business.

The concept is simple, having manufactured a streamlined food truck operation that manages to fit an entire operating kitchen into a mobile food truck business allows food truck franchisees to operate without complexity. Through technology, skilled design, and a keen understanding of the food truck business, Mr. Brostrand and his team of engineers were able to build and develop a food truck that has no comparison on the market.

The Champion Cheesesteak franchise also was developed with a focus on marketing, business development, and understanding of how to find ideal locations for the food truck operation and how to get the customer in tune with where the food truck would be at any particular time. The Champion branding is meant to be bold, game-changing, and to the point. The food quality is top-notch and the concept altogether has no peers in the food service industry.

Champion Cheesesteaks is focusing growth on the Central, Southeastern, and Mid-Atlantic States. This growth plan is in place in order to most effectively deliver support and guidance to you as you build your franchised business with us.

There are many benefits to being an entrepreneur: You have the opportunity to spend more time with family, manage your own schedule and have the system in place to earn the income you’ve always wanted to achieve.  When you become a part of the Champion Cheesesteaks Family, you have the chance to do all of this. We provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to be successful in starting your own franchise business.

If you see the massive potential in the explosive food truck franchise industry and have the energy, intensity, and drive to build your own business as part of the Champion Food Truck franchise network, contact us.

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