Why Franchise Your Business?

Determine whether your Business is Ready for Franchising.

Should You Franchise Your Business?

Franchising is a unique distribution model and has a variety of attributes to the concept that make some businesses a fit for franchising and others not. The core compenents to successfully franchising your business include the following:

1. Do you have a brand that people are drawn to? Have you had inquiries about your model from customers, friends, etc to open in new markets or to franchise before?
2. Does your business have an operating system in place that will allow you to teach and replicate what you do with new franchise owners?
3. How have you integrated technology into your business?
4. What marketing and business development platforms do you have in place that franchisees could benefit from?
5. Are your financials reasonably strong and consistent?
6. Is there a larger market for your model which would justify franchising the business?

When determining whether you should franchise your business, we start with a no-obligation consultation to review your business, discuss the operating model and help determine whether franchising is viable. Speak with one of our franchise consultants who have spent years working with organizations to build, develop and execute franchise expansion strategies. Find out if your business is franchiseable and whether you have the industry, business model or experience to be successful in the franchise marketplace.

Franchise Consultation

See if your business has the concept strength to be a successful franchise. This can be conducted over a phone interview or in person to discuss your business, answer questions about franchising and help you make better decisions related to how to franchise your business.

Franchise Review

Franchise Marketing Systems will work with you to evaluate current business practices, the market you operate within and how that translates to franchising. This will be conducted after the initial phone consultation and could consist of an in-person meeting to visit the location and review the operating concept. The key is to understand how your business operates and whether the model could succeed as a franchise.

Review Results & Discuss Options

Franchise Marketing Systems will present the general feasibility of franchising your business and what opportunity exists based on industry market knowledge and research which is conducted for relevant franchise market segments. Franchise Marketing Systems is a performance based franchise development firm who works with clients to develop and execute franchise models, the consultation and advice will be based legitimate and open feedback.

Franchise Proposal & Overview

Franchise Marketing Systems will produce and prepare a franchise development proposal specific to your brand, goals and vision for how you would like to franchise your business. This proposal will outline the work to be completed, terms, structure and detail related to what is needed in order to franchise your business effectively.

How Will This Help Me?

Come out of your consultation having a better understanding of what it takes to franchise your business. You will learn:

• What your potential return on investment is for your franchise concept and how financially viable the business could be as a franchise offering.
• Timing and the competitive overview of similar or related franchises to you.
• Examples and results for franchise systems in businesses that are similar to yours along with the steps and detail involved in how to franchise your business.

Franchise Marketing Systems works through an experienced team of franchise consultants and franchise development experts to design, build and customize franchise programs for businesses. Through this refined process, businesses have the ability to grow and replicate through franchising. Go into the franchise development process knowing that you have the tools and experience behind you to successfully franchise your business.

Is Your Business Ready to Franchise?

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