12 Questions to Ask Franchise Consultants Before Making a Decision.

Large Questions To Ask Franchise Consultants Before Making A Decision

Embarking on a franchising journey is a pivotal step, full of promise and challenges. As a business owner, seeking guidance from franchise consultants can be invaluable. However, choosing the right franchise consultant, one who understands your vision and can guide you towards franchise advantages, is crucial. FMS Franchise delineates key questions every business should pose to a potential franchise consultant.

1. What is Your Experience in the Franchise Industry?

Understanding a consultant’s journey in the franchise industry can provide insights into their depth of knowledge. Delve into the number of years they’ve spent in the field, industries they’ve worked with, and their success stories. Experience isn’t just about years; it’s about relevant successes.

2. Can You Provide References from Previous Clients?

Reputation often precedes a consultant. Direct feedback from past clients offers unbiased insights. Inquire about previous collaborations, especially businesses similar to yours, and discern the outcomes. Genuine success stories can paint a clearer picture of their efficacy.

3. How Do You Stay Updated with Industry Trends?

The ever-evolving landscape of franchising demands continuous learning. Probe their commitment to staying updated. Are there recent courses, seminars, or publications they swear by? An updated consultant offers modern solutions, ensuring your business remains ahead of the curve.

4. How Do You Determine a Good Fit for My Business?

Franchising isn’t one-size-fits-all. Ask about their assessment methods, their tools, and how they tailor their advice. This helps gauge the bespoke nature of their consulting and whether they value individual business identities.

5. How is Your Approach to Franchise Marketing Evolving?

Franchise marketing is dynamic. Traditional strategies might not have the same impact today. Discuss the innovations and digital strategies they employ and their thoughts on emerging marketing trends. A proactive approach can position your franchise advantageously in the market.

6. How Do You Assist in Ongoing Franchise Management?

Franchising is a marathon, not a sprint. Beyond the initial setup, understanding their involvement in the journey is paramount. Delve into their long-term strategies, tools they recommend for efficient franchise management services, and their stance on scalability.

7. Are There Any Hidden Costs in Your Services?

Transparency in financial dealings is non-negotiable. Discuss not just primary fees but also potential additional costs. This could be retainer fees, charges for supplementary services, or anything not included in the primary package.

8. Can You Aid in Navigating Legal Waters?

While FMS has in-house legal experts well-versed in franchise law, top consultants should also understand the basics of this domain. This dual expertise ensures that all bases are covered without the need to refer to external franchise lawyers.

9. How Do You Structure Training Programs?

Providing franchisors with the tools for comprehensive training, such as the Ops manual, is a key component of a successful franchise. While FMS offers recommendations for training platforms, it’s crucial to understand how often the franchisor updates their training content. Proper tools and resources play a significant role in supporting franchisees.

10. What Sets You Apart from Other Franchise Consultants?

A consultant’s unique value proposition is their competitive edge. Let them outline why they stand out from the crowd. This often reveals their passion, dedication, and the unique methodologies they might employ.

11. What Metrics Do You Use to Track Franchise Success?

Metrics offer tangible proof of success. Engage in a discussion on the KPIs they track, how they measure short-term wins versus long-term growth, and their methods of periodic evaluations.

12. How Do You Handle Challenges or Setbacks in a Franchise Project?

Resilience and problem-solving are integral. Engaging franchise consultants can be invaluable here, as they can share instances where they faced setbacks and the strategies they employed to overcome them. This provides insight into their tenacity and solution-oriented approach.


The right franchise consultant can make a world of difference, steering you toward success and growth. These questions, curated by FMS Franchise, serve as a foundational guide to ensure your chosen consultant aligns perfectly with your business aspirations.

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