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PHWS, Why Now?

26 Aug 2010


Why Now?

With the residential home sales market at all time lows, builders need to do more than ever before to keep inventory moving. One of the perks that a builder can offer homebuyers is a bulked up home warranty policy that covers more potential issues that could come after the home has been purchased. These might cover elements such as plumbing, heating, major appliances, air conditioning, pools spas or other items and work within the home itself. The policies are designed to give piece of mind to the buyers so they don t have to pay for expensive repairs if and when they happen. Today, in the United States over half of the homes sold are done so with a home warranty. This trend seems to be increasing with the difficult residential housing market.


With the increase in the number of home warranties being sold with homes, there comes an increased level of responsibility from the builders and the real estate developers who offer the warranty incentives. Many builders in the past years have handled the process of Warranty Management internally with their own staff and capital. When the building segment was growing by leaps and bounds, this was not a concern to invest in the infrastructure needed to handle these responsibilities. In today s current market with home sales lagging, more and more builders are turning to an outsourced home warranty management option. One that lowers their costs substantially while providing an increased level of service and support to the homeowners and the warranties that were sold.

The Answer.

PHWS has spent over thirteen years in the warranty servicing business and has worked with hundreds of builders to service thousands of home warranties. Through a defined operating process, industry leading technology and a specialized focus on customer care and warranty management, PHWS provides a viable and efficient option for builders to manage the servicing and back-end work that comes with selling home warranties. The PHWS solution is a custom tailored model made to fit each client s needs and requirements and service always over-delivers.

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