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BungoBox Franchise Video

BungoBox Small Business Franchise In Action!

BungoBox is a revolutionary concept that will literally change the way people look at moving.  BungoBox makes moving easier by adding to the ease and flexibility of moving through proprietary box designs and systems that just make the process a little less cumbersome.  BungoBox also makes moving less COSTLY!  The BungoBoxes have been shown to reduce moving costs by as much as 50% in some cases with less materials, less boxes, tape and other things that no one enjoys messing with.

BungoBox is currently looking for franchise partners that could join the growing system of BungoBox franchise holdings.  With two locations currently and more in the works, the BungoBox name and franchise model will soon be in most markets in the Southeastern United States.

The BungoBox franchise requires a modest investment into the business, mainly in a vehicle and box inventory, the rest is very simple and easy to grasp.  Save people time, money and make moving a LITTLE fun and you have a winning combination.

The BungoBox franchise offer is designed for pioneering entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking for a growing market opportunity with very little competition.  From a franchise market perspective, the BungoBox model has little to be compared to and really stands on its own.

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