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Bloomin Blinds Franchise Opportunity

Bloomin’ Blinds Franchise

Bloomin’ Blinds is a established and mature brand which had decades of experience in the industry as a blind installation and service company with a great family history behind it.  The brand was founded by Mom and started originally in Seattle, Washington and then transferred to Dallas, Texas.  Over time, the entire family joined the business in one way or another and as the family joined up, the business took shape and became an impressive operation in the Dallas market.  

The family decided in 2014 that the time had come to expand into new markets and grow the distribution system beyond just the Dallas market and what they could cover as a family.  The business was running into some of the same issues that most organic growth businesses do.  Difficulty with employees, capital requirements to expand and overall management cBloomin_Blinds_Back_of_Van-2complexities that come with company growth.

In 2014, Bloomin Blinds hired Franchise Marketing Systems to develop the franchise model, create the strategic plan for franchise development, build the operations and training programming to teach new franchise operators and develop the franchise marketing and sales model needed to present the value of the brand to new operators.  The key variables were in place for this to be a strong franchise offering, lower investment, high profit margins and a teachable process could allow the brand to franchise effectively.  Concerns for growth included some larger franchise brands in the blind sales and service market and the ability to replicate salesmanship of the corporate team.

As with any new franchise system, the early franchise adopters were wary of a single location photo-1franchise with a business largely managed by family without much outside influence or validation in markets outside of Dallas.  The first year of franchising yielded six new franchise locations in markets throughout the Midwest and Texas.  What was uncovered was that the business model scaled well and that the intensive focus on training, sales, marketing and support that comes with a family owned franchise system, franchisees had significant rates of success and the model was proven quickly with new franchisesuccess.  blinds1

By 2015, the business was starting to take shape and the management team had invested quickly in technology, systems and infrastructure to generate more leads for franchisees, improve the overall company branding and offer better pricing on the blinds and products sold through the franchisee’s business.  In 2015, Bloomin’ Blinds established itself as a leader in the space with an additional ten franchise locations and the business was beginning to take shape with the economies of scale that come with larger buying power and marketing prowess when advertising dollars are combined and larger strategic relationships are put in place.  

Today, Bloomin Blinds is a high growth franchise system with prospects for significant growth and capitalization within the blind sales market segment.  By Franchising the business, Bloomin Blinds was able to achieve scale, expand into a national brand and leverage strategic partnerships with high performing independently owned franchise territories.

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